The 3rd edition of the International Workshop on the Insect Bio-inspired Technologies is now being planned, and is scheduled for 17th of November to 18th of November 2022. Our warmest welcome, and we look forward to seeing you in Edinburgh.


Nature-inspired science, engineering and technology has become extremely popular over the last few years as reflected by the exponential increase of number of journal articles on the topic published each year. Scotland has been at the forefront of biomimetic research as evidenced by the seminal work « On Growth and Form » by the Scottish biologist Sir d’Arcy Thompson. It is therefore rightly fitting that Edinburgh hosts the 3rd International Workshop on Insect Bio-Inspired Technologies. 

With millions of species, arthropods are an ideal platform for bio-inspiration for a variety of applications ranging from sensing modalities, bio-robotics or elastic properties of cuticle, to name but a few. The miniaturization of the nuts and bolts within insects, combined with speed and precision of control, is furthermore a marvel. Beyond their sheer number which implies a multitude of possible models, insects are thus an excellent source of bio-inspired designs because of their size, of the order of the millimetre, which matches in many ways the one of micro- and nano-technological systems. This often promotes system scale approach as a more sound method for the observer.

Following the highly successful workshop in Tours, 2017 and in Grenoble, 2019, we have again collated a series of talk from international speakers which balances biology, physics and engineering. We believe these works and visions to be of the highest interest to micro-technologists, systems engineers and biologists.


The 3rd edition of the international workshop on Insect bio-inspired microtechnology will take place in the Wolfson lecture theatre in Edinburgh. Learn more about how to join us


The preliminary program is available here. Each half-day will be divided into 1 or 2 sessions. During each session, two invited lecturers will give a plenary talk (30′), and two other will give 2 short talks of 15′ each. In addition, there will be a poster session.

You can also start to register for your accomodation and trains: we suggest some hotels nearby the theater.

Abstracts for posters are welcome and will be selected by the organizing commitee.


Head Organizer


Marc Desmulliez received an Engineering Degree (UK BEng equivalent) from the Ecole Superieure d’Electricite of Paris (SUPELEC, France) in 1987, a College Diploma in Microwave and Modern Optics from University College London (UCL) in 1988, a Master of Advanced Studies from the University Cambridge (1991, 2011) and a Ph.D. in Optoelectronics from Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, UK) in 1995. After spending two years as a Power Engineering in a steel factory in France, he became a Lecturer in 1995, Reader in 1999 and Professor in 2006 at the Research Institute of signals, Sensors and Systems at Heriot-Watt University. He currently leads the Nature-Inspired Manufacturing Research Centre (NIMC) there. His research interests … Learn more here.

Organizing commitee & EXECUTIVE SECRETARIES

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Steering commitee: Prof. Jérôme Casas, Prof. James F. C. Windmill, Dr. K. H. Aaron Lau, Prof. Adam A. Stokes, Prof. Barbara Webb, Dr. Joseph Jackson

Executive secretaries: Paul Clémençon, Alexandra Tiryaeva, Martí Verdaguer Mallorquí, Isobel Hatton