Session 1

David Labonte

Biomechanics of controllable attachment in climbing animals. Learn more.

Huai Ti lin

Neuromechanics of insect wings. Learn more.

Paul Baisamy

Dynamics of bio-inspired pulse jet systems. Learn more.

Session 2

Axel borst

How fly neurons compute the direction of visual motion. Learn more.

Beth Mortimer

Sensing surface vibrations: From spiders to robots. Learn more.


Miniaturisation of Acoustic Systems


An insect-inspired sky-compass.

Session 3

Shyam Gollakota

Creating the Internet of biological and bioinspired things. Learn more.

Stanley Heinze

Using comparative connectomics of the insect central complex to guide the development of novel neuromorphic computers. Learn more.


A control engineering perspective on the advantages of using efference copies. Learn more.

Session 4


Loose Ends. Learn more.

Session 5

Sebastian Büsse

Hunting with catapults: the predatory strike of dragonfly larvae. Learn more.

Daniel J. Preston

Beyond Bioinspiration: Leveraging Biotic Materials for Robotics. Learn more.


Can ovipositors of sawflies be the future of surgical saws? Learn more.

Session 6


The arthropod cuticle: Materials toolbox for functional diversity. Learn more.

Thomas Scheibel

Engineering, processing and application of recombinant spider silk
proteins – from lab to market. Learn more.

Philip SEIB

Assembling Bombyx mori silk into healthcare materials. Learn more.


(Te Faye Yap et al.) Necrobotics: Reimagining Robotic Materials

(Alan Boyde et al.) Fleas and bites in bones.

(Viola Bauernfeind et al.) Stable colors: how order and scale geometry make the colourful displays of Sternotomini longhorn beetles angle-independent

(Hendrik K Beck et al.) Exploring performance landscapes for Hexapod locomotion using biological, computational, and robotic model systems

(Chandan Bose et al.) Dandelion-inspired insect-scale drones

(Carolin Fischer et al.) The structure-function relationship of the vibration receptors in the spider Cupiennius salei

(Lara Díaz Garcia et al.) 3D Printing of directional passive acoustic structures inspired by Achroia grisella ‘s ear

(Christoph Bruns et al.) Folding principles of cuticle in locust leg joints

(Falk Tauber) The Venus Flyflap: Combining two snap-trap plant motions principles into new motion sequences for plant-inspired robotics in one artificial Venus flytrap demonstrator

(Florian Gisinger et al.) Managing insect feet: Biomimetics of plant wax based non-toxic insect repellents

(Lukas Hageneder et al.) Towards Biomimetics of Superhydrophobic Water Strider Feet

(Jirada Kaewchuchuen et al.) Nanoparticle functionalized silk hydrogels for cancer cell culture

(Mourad Jaffar-Bandjee et al.) Excretion of sex pheromone by glands in moths

(Richard W. van Nieuwenhoven et al.) Insights into growth regulation by connecting simulations of plant-growth to the plant gall life cycle

(Paul Clémençon et al.) A spiking model of the cricket escape mechanosensory system: from neuroethology to neuromorphic computing

(Eleftherios Siamantouras et al.) Quantifying nanoscale taenidia mechanics using Atomic Force Microscopy

(Leni Le Goff et al.) Autonomous Robot Evolution: Evolving Robots on Hardware

(Luke Prentice et al.) Bio-Inspired Ultra-Compact Acoustic Transmitter – Bubbles as a Means of Weak-Source Amplification

(Saphia A. L. Matthew et al.) Silk fibroin-anthracycline nano-sized delivery systems for breast cancer treatment

(Martí Verdaguer Mallorquí et al.) Nature inspired manufacturing of surgical tools